01. Renewable Energy

Solar farms and wind farms can cover extensive areas in remote environments. This presents many opportunities for entry and vandalism and an accurate, cost effective security solution is vital to maintaining energy production. Often installed on land with active wildlife, high winds, and fluctuating temperatures, the security solution must account for many factors for long lasting accuracy and reliability over the decades of use.

​​​02. Traditional Energy

​America’s power grid is large, complex, and extremely important. Notable challenges presented to Substations, and Oil and Gas Production are highly valuable and sensitive facilities. Disruption in production can cause blackouts, expensive repairs, and environmental concerns.  A reliable security solution addresses these issues and helps achieve compliance with regulations.

​04. Commercial Facility

Commercial facilities often require a combination of Access Control and Intrusion Detection. Integrating these systems, and others if needed, into one solution that is easy to use anywhere in the world is what Solar Security will reliably provide.

​03. Construction

Theft and vandalism are often times most prominent during construction. Valuable materials and essential equipment are displayed during the day - tempting opportunistic thieves and workers. Onsite surveillance is an excellent deterrent and provides valuable evidence to recover the stolen items, investigate injury claims, and can be left for permanent security after construction. 


Solar Security can provide services to any industry and market. Listed on these pages are a few verticals to help understand the capabilities and benefits of our solutions.

Trusted by Fortune 1000 companies across the U.S., Solar Security will tailor a solution based upon our expertise in extreme applications and locations. We are more than contractors hired to install a line item. We are professionals who function as part of the team to get the job done.