Comprehensive support you and your company can trust.

Solar Security started off as a local provider of commercial security and surveillance solutions. Soon, companies requested our services on larger projects and partnerships. Today, Solar Security can count some of the largest renewable energy developers, general contractors and EPCs as repeat customers and and partners.

By staying true to our roots and not growing too fast, Solar Security provides individual personal attention to every customer - ensuring the systems work properly, issues are addressed promptly, and the customer is always happy.

Solar Security offers the end user with ground-up approach to design and build the most extensive solutions. Ease of use and reliability are a focal point. The staff at Solar Security does not over-sell the capabilities of the technology being implemented.  Technical and product life cycle support are available round the clock. 

Providing consistent, high quality design and installation across North America is Solar Security's utmost priority. Our experience and dedication to using only the highest quality components will ensure the successful commissioning of the security system every time.

04. Mobile Security

Some applications are temporary - construction, parades, police investigation, critical areas - and a completely portable off-grid surveillance trailer is the right solution. The RECON UNIT by Solar Security is made in the USA, affordably priced, and uses reliable proven components.

05. Intrusion/Access Control

Many sites require selective restrictions to individuals. Solar Security provides reliable, simple and state of the art Access Control systems as an add-on or independent. Using new technology, the components required for Access Control is dramatically less than in the past, allowing for cost savings and flexibility.


​01. Permanent Security

Solar Security specializes in permanent security solutions that provide autonomous security detection. This includes surveillance cameras, access control, and burglar alarm. Properties and fence lines can cover vast areas and are prone to false alarms such as wildlife, terrain and weather. A proper system with accurate detection, notification, and response - while being cost effective - is vital to long term safety and security.



07. Optical Gas Imaging

Solar Security can rapidly scan large areas and pinpoint leaks in real time. It is ideal for monitoring plants, wells and sites that are difficult to reach with contact measurement tools.

​03. Plug N Play

Security and surveillance are becoming more and more in demand. Some applications may not need as robust a system, and one -three cameras might suffice. Also, power and communication may not be available, or the system may need to be moved. Solar Security Introduces the Plug N Play.

​​​​02. Off-Grid Solutions

In combination with all other solutions Solar Security can provide, completely off-grid power and communication systems are available. Many things are to be considered when designing and integrating these system; such as sizing requirements, environmental challenges and equipment reliability.

06. Remote Site Management

In addition to the security benefit, Solar Security’s surveillance systems offer valuable operational advantages to the end user. This gives a user full remote access to the entire site while maintaining the integrity of the security system. Often, this is the most popular feature of our system with our client.