​​​​​02. Off-Grid Solutions

Most of Solar Security's sites include off-grid power and/or wireless communication. This reduces the cost of installation and the complexity of coordinating with the general contractor. Many things are to be considered when designing and integrating these system; such as sizing requirements, environmental challenges and equipment reliability.

​​​03. Plug N Play

Some sites are smaller with a correspondingly smaller security requirement. Solar Security can ship  a pre-integrated camera system onsite and remotely program for final installation. These systems are using the same quality components and designed for long term reliability - at a smaller size and scale.

RENEWable energy industry


Cost Effectively Securing Large Areas and Perimeters 

Solar farms and wind farms can cover extensive areas in remote environments. This presents many opportunities for entry and vandalism and an accurate, cost effective security solution is vital to maintaining energy production. Often installed on land with active wildlife, high winds, and fluctuating temperatures, the security solution must account for many factors for long lasting accuracy and reliability over the decades of use.

Things to consider:

-    Real-world accuracy of security
-    Total cost of ownership
-    Physical deterrent

-    Remote operations assistance
-    Scalability


​01. Permanent Security

Solar Security specializes in permanent security solutions that provide autonomous security detection. This includes surveillance cameras, access control, and burglar alarm. Properties and fence lines can cover vast areas and are prone to false alarms such as wildlife, terrain and weather. A proper system with accurate detection, notification, and response - while being cost effective - is vital to long term safety and security.