remote site management

Operations Tool

In addition to the security benefit, Solar Security’s surveillance systems offer incredible operational advantages to the end user. The high quality thermal and daylight images provide real-time remote viewing for updates on project management, temperature differentials, and operational performance. This gives a user full remote access to the entire site while maintaining the integrity of the security system. Often, this is the most popular feature of our system with our client.

With our years of experience across many industries, Solar Security uses only the highest quality cameras and components to ensure a long lasting system providing useful images and reduced false alarms.

OPerational Assistance


Solar Security provides reliable and hassle free systems designed for each individual site. Not all sites may require the same equipment and software.

Some of the capabilities:
-    Trenchless solution for power and communication
-    24/7 intrusion detection
-    HD megapixel cameras capable of facial recognition
-    Thermal fence
-    Dual purpose equipment for automated intrusion and temperature detection 

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies across the U.S., Solar Security will provide your organization the solutions needed to lead your industry