plug n PLay

Out of the Box Operation

Security and surveillance are becoming more of a requirement for all size applications. From a single camera to systems using multiple encrypted cameras, Solar Security's Plug N Play solution is easily deployable, ultra-reliable and cost-effective.


For the Right System and Security Need

Utilizing industry leading components, Solar Security's Plug N Play solution provides high quality security shipped to the customer ready to go. 

This is useful on smaller installations, installations when the same camera setup is being used consistently, and for non-security experts to install in the field.

These type systems are especially useful for operational assistance for the end user. The high quality thermal and daylight images provide real-time remote viewing for updates on project management, temperature differentials, and operational performance. This gives a user full remote access to the entire site while maintaining the integrity of the security system. Often, this is the most popular feature of our system with our client.

Solar Security will remotely assist with installation and programming of analytics and notifications.