OPtical gas imaging

Saving Money by Detecting Leaks and Equipment Failure Early

Solar Security can rapidly scan large areas and pinpoint leaks in real time. It is ideal for monitoring plants, wells and sites that are difficult to reach with contact measurement tools.

Literally thousands of components can be scanned per shift without the need to interrupt operations.  This reduces repair downtime and provides verification of the process. Solar Security employs trained specialists ensuring a safe process. Potentially dangerous leaks can be monitored from several meters away. 

By finding leaks that essentially decrease profits, Solar Security accomplishes both regulatory compliance and improving the bottom line. 


Solar Security provides reliable and hassle free systems designed for each individual site. Not all sites may require the same equipment and software.

Some of the capabilities:

-   Gas Finder technology
-   Temperature Sensing
-   Compliance with State and Federal regulations

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies across the U.S., Solar Security will provide your organization the solutions needed to lead your industry

optical gas imaging