High Bandwidth Communication

Wireless communication is in most of Solar Security's systems. This has become increasingly popular to eliminate the need of fiber or bandwidth on the customer's LAN.

Solar Security understand the limitations and how to design accordingly - in real world environments. Bit rates, bandwidth, camera counts and more will alter the system performance and limitations.

-    Successful wireless communication across some of the largest utility solar farms in the United States

-    Splitting security systems into LAN and wireless systems 

-    Briding multiple sites

-    Mesh networks relaying devices around non-line of sight situations

-    Minimizing component count

-    Maximizing component's capabilities

-    Unique "Tower Design" with cameras looking both ways

-    Using most reliable hardware

These are just a few factors that contribute to lower costs of operation and less failures over the life of the system. 


Power Anywhere Anytime

Sizing an off-grid solar powered system requires the coordination of all components used - batteries, panels, charge controllers, power loads, and location. By going with off-grid power, Solar Security has the knowledge and expertise to use the right components - power supply and security cameras - to maximize performance.

These systems should never shut down. Don't go with a system design that cuts corners and will create loss of load events, damaged components, and inactive system.


A focus of Solar Security is reliable off-grid solutions. This entails solar power systems and wireless communication systems. These can be challenging solutions to produce a reliable integration. Solar power is excellent for eliminating trenching costs and running cables. In fact, our off-grid systems usually are less expensive than traditional trenching and wire pulling.