INtrusion and access control

Securing Your Business

Many sites require selective restrictions to individuals. Solar Security provides reliable, simple and state of the art Access Control systems as an add-on or independent. Using new technology, the components required for Access Control is dramatically less than in the past, allowing for cost savings and flexibility.

From one interface, the user can view in real time the surveillance system cameras and the identification of the individual entering or leaving. These are useful for any entrances/exits, critical areas, and SCADA.

intrusion and access control


Detecting and deterring an intrusion is the utmost priority of Solar Security. For every system design, our team considers the components and technology that provide the user with the best value and best detection reliability. Ranges of detection for commercial application range from 0m to 880m in total darkness 24/7 in a cost effective solution. 

Many times, an intrusion detection combines multiple technologies, fence shakers, PTZ camera, fixed cameras, radar, and deterrents. Also, these systems can dual-function as remote operations tools for the user. 

False alarms are a reality of all intrusion detection systems. Find out how Solar Security selects only specific components and structural designs to minimize this possibility. 

Solar Security provides reliable and hassle free systems designed for each individual site. Not all sites may require the same equipment and software. Some of the capabilities

-    Alarms based on actual object temperatures exceeding pre-set thresholds
-    Access control
-    Physical deterrent
-    Scalability
-    HD megapixel cameras capable of facial recognition