Watching Sites When Theft and Injuries are Most Likely to Happen

Theft and vandalism are often times most prominent during construction. Valuable materials and essential equipment are displayed during the day - tempting opportunistic thieves and workers. Onsite surveillance is an excellent deterrent and provides valuable evidence to recover the stolen items, investigate injury claims, and can be left for permanent security after construction. 

Things to consider:

-    Remote Site Management Tool
-    Ease of installation and portability to other sites
-    Physical deterrent
-    Scalability

construction industry


​01. Plug N Play

Security and surveillance are becoming more and more in demand. Some applications may not need as robust a system, and one -three cameras might suffice. Also, power and communication may not be available, or the system may need to be moved. Solar Security Introduces the Plug N Play.

02. Mobile Surveillance

Some applications are temporary - construction, parades, police investigation, critical areas - and a completely portable off-grid surveillance trailer is the right solution. The RECON UNIT by Solar Security is made in the USA, affordably priced, and uses reliable proven components.