​01. Effecting

Keep your workplace safe and operational by detecting people with abnormal temperatures before they put others at risk. Solar Security provides quickly deployable solutions that will provide an accurate preliminary screening of body temperatures. This requires advanced software and components to measure reliably and multiple people at once. Our solutions can take into account hot drinks in people's hands, wearing masks, and movement. 

03. Affordable

These solutions will work for years and are priced competitively. Not only do these systems have a great price point, but they can help keep your business open. For some businesses, these systems pay for themselves with just a few gained work hours by avoiding a site shutdown.



Comprehensive Support You and Your Company Can Trust

Solar Security offers the end user with ground-up approach to design and build the most extensive solutions, or retro fits. Ease of use and reliability are a focal point. The staff at Solar Security does not over-sell the capabilities of the technology being implemented.  Technical and product life cycle support are available round the clock. 

-    Video Surveillance
-    Remote Site Management
-    Access Control
-    Intrusion Detection
-    Optical Gas Imaging
-    Consulting

02. Fast Deployment

Get these systems in your facility in the coming days -  not months. By utilizing our deep partnerships in the thermography industry, and our experience in Plug N Play systems, Solar Security can ship you a ready to use system soon. These systems can be integrated into existing video camera systems. Little to no training, and fast technical support as always to keep your business running smoothly.